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About Us

Orient Links Co LLC is a leading Paper Marketing company headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with representative offices in India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. We are a one stop destination for all your Paper requirements. We offer all grades of Writing, Printing, Packaging papers.We sell to over 36 countries of the African Continent, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. More than 60% of our Sales is to End Users. Our team is fully sensitized to the needs, expectations and requirements of Printers and Converters.

"Your Global Paper Connection."

Core Value

To provide right quality, service and value addition to meet customer satisfaction.


  • Develop long term Mutually Beneficial Relationship with suppliers and customers sustained with economic value addition.

  • Creation of "Export Home Markets".

  • Forging Enduring Relationships based on Commitment, Mutual Trust & Confidence.


Offer "One Stop Solution" to our various markets, customers and suppliers and be preferred supplier to our customer.


"Collaborative Business and Forging Links for a Long Term Mutually Beneficial Relationship".

Our Products are

Our Main Customers are:

  • Paper Merchants/ Importers.

  • Paper Converters.

  • Printing & Publishing Houses.

  • Stationery Manufacturers / Wholesalers Packaging Converters.

  • Govt. Institutions

We are committed to the delivery of perfect product.

We have a sincere focus on providing our customers with superior solutions that help their businesses develop.